Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Leeeeeroy Jenkins

Well somehow, we knew the good weather we've been experiencing here wouldn't last and at the weekend, the heavens opened as usual. Temperature dropped so low that I even had to put the central heating on for a bit - given the stupidly high bill I've just had from British Gas, I tried to resist but Boom was shivering when he came round so I had to relent!

Still, it was a nice long weekend, which seemed to fly by at breakneck speed.

Long walks, trips out, cosy time watching DVDs...

We did none of those.

Instead, bar an interval to watch football (me watching Liverpool beat Newcastle on TV at the gym and him going to Middlesbrough to watch Man U maintain their lead at the top) we spent nearly 24 hours gaming on World of Warcraft.

Ok, so it wasn't 24 hours non-stop, not like this gamer, but more like 24 hours spread over the bank holiday weekend, in between numerous cups of tea and coffee, me cooking on a couple of occasions and a quick trip to Tesco to buy stuff for lunch.

Yes, we sound like a couple of sad nerds but hey, it's a hobby like any other hobby or interest - fun and enjoyable!

This hobby does take up a lot of time, I still manage to squeeze in time to read and listen to music but I think what's been sacrificed is time spent flicking the numerous tv channels for something to watch. Most evenings, the tv doesn't get switched on at all, which I'm sure is unheard of in some households.

At some point over the weekend though, we did have The Jeremy Kyle Show on in the background - it seems the programme just consists of DNA tests to prove whether some guy was the father of some poor child. There was one case where the guy was devastated to find that the child that he cared for and paid some maintenance towards (actually, us tax payers pay maintenance for….but I digress) was not his. The expression on the mother's face was that of 'deep thought' - she was trying to work out who else she had been shagging at the time and who could be the child's father - apparently, it could be one of three other men. I wonder if any of these three watched the programme and regretted meeting this trollop…? All of the men must have seriously been wearing beer goggles at the time or registered blind.

Must not go into rant mode…happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

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