Monday, March 02, 2009


Congratulations! You've won with the Football Pools!

I opened up the letter which I thought was spam and nearly dropped it when I read this first line.

But then I saw the cheque that was attached at the bottom - £36.26.

Two more points and I would have won over £35k - oh well, better luck next time!

I've just noticed that my last two posts have been about gambling - no, I don't have a problem, just that my whole life is one big gamble! ;-)


  1. Anonymous4:41 am

    Oh but that is excellent news. It always feels wonderful to win something regardless of what it is really. I bounce around like crazy if I ever get one of those letters re Premium Bonds - it's only ever £50 - but I am still excited and plan how I will spend it and then spend it 10 times over!!!

    Well done!

  2. Thanks RB - I'm tempted to chuck the lot on some lotto lines, you know, in the hope that the luck will continue.

    Ok, maybe not all of it - see, my gambling is really under control! :-)

  3. What fun! Do buy one lotto ticket though! You never know...... No point in more than one.....if you are going to be 'lucky' one is enough!