Friday, March 06, 2009

This Aint A Scene

Gig #1 (of many) this year and it's Fall Out Boy at the MEN in Manchester. Went with JH and her sis, who was dressed in major emo wear - her black and red wig looked fab!

Have seen FOB twice now, both times at the Leeds Festival, thought they were good on those occasions. Thought they were great last night.

I don't think their latest album is as good as their previous two (Infinity On High is probably my favourite) - sounds a bit different and I'm not sure I quite like that direction but still a couple of decent tracks on there.

They were supported by Kids In Glass Houses (not bad) and Hey Monday (pretty good).

Legs ache from the shuffle dancing we were doing.

Am thinking that I might have to upgrade my ipod now as I've run out of space on my 8 gb Nano much music, so little space! Hmmm!

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  1. Anonymous7:17 am

    I feel very old. I never seem to listen to anything different these days - i must do so. I used to a lot but somehow I stopped around the same time I stopped reading books.

    Glad you had a good time anyway.

    And yes, I agree re the iPod. Even mine is constantly full!