Monday, February 23, 2009

Man or Mouse?

Apparently, contrary to popular belief, research has shown that nice guys do get the girls.

What was the research based on? Studying mice, specifically the striped variety found in South Africa.

From studying the breeding strategies and roaming tendencies of said mice, they concluded that this was why men who say it with flowers are more likely to succeed with women than those who behave like cavemen.


I demand that my taxes are not spent on funding this type of 'research'!!!!


  1. You do seem like the flowers and chocolates kinda guy, Rol! :-)

  2. Is this post just a subtle hint weenie? :)

  3. Lol, not at all, RS! Just can't see how they can equate mice to men buying flowers or not!

  4. Anonymous7:52 am

    The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry - or whatever the saying is.

    So perhaps men have alwyas been likened to mice?

    It's funny that some people always seem to attract nice men (I always do even though I don't deserve them) and other much nicer people always attract unsuitable rogues who treat them badly.

  5. I think I attract (and am attracted to) those in between - I don't know why but there is such a thing as a guy being 'too nice'. Not saying that I like being treated meanly either but maybe I just prefer guys to have a bit of an edge to them...

  6. I could give you the whole chapter and verse about how mice, nematode worms and fruit flies are excellent research subjects because they have behavior patterns which can be monitored. However that's only because I work in Uni. science research.

    I do wonder though - would giving a woman a big bag of striped mice be a really romantic idea?

  7. For some women, maybe if the mice were chocolate-coated? Not for me thanks! :-)