Sunday, February 22, 2009

All Over?

Following on from the previous post, how was my trip to Wrexham? Well, the result was 0-0, Ebbsfleet are still in the cup and we played quite well so that's good. A win in the return leg will be superb. It was a great day, sunny but brisk in Wales, just a shame that we couldn't convert any of our chances. It was great meeting up with other MyFootballClub members again, stayed behind for a couple of drinks before heading back to meet Boom for a trip to Harry Ramsden's and some gaming.

Well, it seems Liverpool's title hopes are in tatters after they failed to beat Man City at home today, the game ending 1-1 - Man U are now 7 points ahead, only 12 games to go and I can't see them losing any or Liverpool winning all their remaining games.

It took a minute before I got a smug text from Boom who, yes you've guessed it, is a Man U fan - what am I thinking of, eh???

Ah well, next year maybe.

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