Monday, January 05, 2009

WoW...oh no....

Four years.

I've resisted the temptation for four years to get sucked into the game but recent snappy adverts starring legends such as Mr T and William Shatner dented my crumbling resistance and then I was persuaded by a Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin to download a 10 day trial of World Of Warcraft.

See you in 10 days.



  1. I like the one with Ozzy in it.

    I got away with the WoW thing by:

    a) being crap at games so knowing it's a waste of time and money

    b) only running a 2 year-old laptop with a graphics card that can barely handle one window being dragged over another

    c) never knowing when I'll have the time to be online

    d) being a miserable old sod who hates the stuff everyone else likes. Have I mentioned today how much facebook sucks?

  2. I hope we see you again after 10 days. Doesn't doing something 7 times make it habit?

  3. They don't call it World of WarCrack for nothing, you know.....

  4. Resist.
    it's not worth the money.

  5. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Humph! Blogging is far more important than computer games. Put that stupid thing away and get back to blogging.

    I don't play computer games - well unless you count this daft thing on Facebook that I played rather too often over Christmas - Staries. I have decided not to play it any more as it was strangely addictive (plus I was hopeless at it!)

    Happy New Year, Weenie. It is going to be a good one, I reckon!

  6. Oh dear.
    Things may never be the same again.

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    You really have disappeared!

    This won't do at all.

  8. See you in March weenie.

    Don't let it distract you from FFL anymore. No really, don't - I'm starting to win and need to build up a gap before you pay attention again.