Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's gonna be a really expensive month and my wages are not going to go very far.

Coming up over the next few weeks I have a couple of trips to London (flights mostly, since train is even more expensive), three birthdays (my mum's, the glamorous C's and EB my godson, so three outings and three presents), one wedding and one wedding evening reception.

And then I've got to save up for my holiday spending money.

So as I've been forced to see how I can raise some extra cash (no, selling my body isn't on the agenda!) I'm going to sell my Coldplay tickets. If I break even or get just a little less, well it's money in my pocket - if I get more, then bonus!

Hopefully, I also can claim some money back from the scammed Leeds festival tickets.

I do have a money-making scheme on my mind - it's whether I can get it to work or not - more news if I get it up and running!

16 Gold medals for Great Britain so far, third in the medal table - what on earth is going on? We're actually pretty good! Go Team GB!


  1. "Fans who paid for tickets with credit cards should contact their card issuers for refunds." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7572771.stm

  2. And if it's any further comfort, Slipknot have been forced to cancel. They'd have been the only band I'd have wanted to see.

    Damn them for touring the UK in December with Machine Head. ARGH. I don't know if I'll be in the country so I can't buy tickets!

  3. Scarlet Mist seems a good (and ethical) place to sell unwanted tickets. I think you can even get your booking fee back in the price too. Maybe worth a shot?

  4. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Yeah I've done too much spending this summer too. I need to catch up in the Autumn.

    selling the Coldplay tickets def sounds like a good idea (I'm not a Coldplay fan!!! ).

    Will catch up with you properly in a few weeks when I am back in circulation.

    Enjoy all your forthcoming events.