Tuesday, June 10, 2008



At the weekend.

In my bikini.

In the sun.


With my eyes shut, it felt like I was on some faraway exotic holiday, not sunny Manchester!

Anyway, overall a good weekend. Went to the Cash Generator and got rid of some electrical stuff that I'd acquired from my Gran.

Went into town to watch some of the Euro 08 footie - it's strange that England aren't in the competition but at least no frustration, no penalty shootouts to agonise over and no crappy hysterical headlines in the tabloids. Had a nice meal with some nice company, home a bit late for a Sunday night.


  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Well, it rained here all day Saturday! But yeah Sunday was lovely and I did a bit of basking myself.

    I supported Croatia too like I said I would - and so far so good!!

  2. Cheers RB and yes so far so good but Spain last night were AWESOME!!!!

  3. And to think they say "It's grim up North".

  4. Yeah... I bet you were! Gorgeous, that is! Weather's been great here in Eire as well. I've been island-hopping :)

  5. haha, thanks! And since it's my birthday today, I shall agree with you entirely! :-)