Friday, March 21, 2008

Over The Border

Ok, been too busy/distracted/ill to blog this past week but I do need to mention the brilliant weekend I had which started on Friday, when I went to the Clubland Live 08 gig at the Manchester Arena.

Me and the glamorous C were probably among the oldest there but we danced the night away all the same to some great tunes. We were disappointed that Booty Luv were a no-show but Cascada was brilliant - deffo best in dance right now. The glamorous C's daughter and her mate enjoyed it too and were well at home with the other neon-stick waving teenagers!

Saturday, up early to travel up to Glasgow (on coach and train) to meet up with a couple of uni mates. Spent the day catching up on news (last time the three of us had met up together was nearly 7 years ago), entertaining the kids (play doh is fun!) and watching the rugger over some beers. A great win for Y Cymru!

In the evening, into Glasgow West End for some more drinks and some excellent tapas.

A lovely and relaxing weekend, just what I needed after the crap at work. Shame I caught a cold on the way back to Manchester, so have felt rotten all week, just in time for the bank holiday weekend - typical.

Anyway, happy Easter all!

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