Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Work Sucks

Really, it does.

I'm on hols soon and instead of looking forward to the break, I'm totally stressing . Early days, late nights - I'm knackered.

Met our new boss for the first time today and first impressions? He's an arse and doesn't have a clue what I do, nor is he interested.

And to cap it all, we had an all employee's meeting today and we're going to be losing some of our benefits, which may include a reduction in the number of holidays we are entitled to, plus they want us to sign new contracts.

I'd better read the small print...


  1. New boss and new contracts? That really does suck. Most Management Management have their heads up their arses... Good luck pulling him out!

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  3. That really does stink. Having a boss that can make your work life hell or unbearable. I can't wait until this one employee gets the boot due to reduction.