Monday, November 19, 2007


I'm not too excited about the lifeline that the Israel national football team have handed to England, in surprisingly beating Russia 2-1 on Saturday. England now only need a draw against Croatia on Weds to qualify for Euro 2008. Frankly, I'm not sure I'll be bothered if they don't qualify - perhaps they don't deserve to go through.

Anyway, had a great weekend - the glamorous C invited me round to stop over for tea so I'm glad I got things sorted - was quite organised for once and am mostly packed now- else I wouldn't have gone.

Anyway, my crash course in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game a few weeks back was put to severe test as the glamorous C's son challenged me to some 'duelling'.

Was it so wrong to beat an 8 year old so soundly? I don't think it would have helped him if I'd let him win just cos he was a kid, but as I knew he would, he started to learn really quickly (he'd made up a lot of his own 'rules' so had to get used to playing by proper rules) and by the end of the evening (and after a few little tears), he'd started to win - really can't see me beating him next time as he's a good thinker! Even got the glamorous C interested and playing with her own deck of cards (although I did laugh at her and quip that I didn't think you could play 'Strip Yu-Gi-Oh'...hehe!)

Spent the rest of the evening downing beers and gin, catching some reality TV (ie X-Factor, I'm A Celebrity...) and ended with us boogieing to some disco tunes, with the disco ball providing some 'club' atmosphere! The kids were quietly playing on the wii at this point - we weren't drunk, just enjoying ourselves!

Head did feel a bit tender the next day but we had a relaxing morning.

Finished my packing - the glamorous C has lent me a small case, which has meant that my main case isn't as full as before, even though two-thirds of the stuff in it doesn't belong to me, it's stuff for my family...

Anyway, not long to go now!

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  1. Anonymous12:34 pm

    ah you speak footie. That is useful to know. We are Preston North End supporters in this house although we live in the land of the canaries (Norwich).

    thanks for visiting my blog. I will call into yours from time to time. Not that I will have anything useful to say!!!