Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's The Link?

What have the Spice Girls and Linkin Park got in common?

One, an English female pop group, girl power, Posh, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Ginger. Reunited to make millions.

The other, American alternative rock band, blending rap rock with nu metal. Turned a bit emo with their latest album.

Well, I'll be going to see both in January, the Spice Girls in London, Linkin Park in Manchester.

As I said before, it appears I have diverse/perverse musical tastes!


  1. Plus, the combined age of Linkin Park is probably the same as Geri Halliwells real age... :-)

  2. Lucky bastard. I found out Linkin Park were touring the UK when I was flicking through a copy of Kerrap in the airport on the way to France - I'm here for 6 months.

    And Maiden are playing Twickenham when I was planning on being in Vietnam.

    And I had to pass my Black Crusade ticket on to a friend as I had to ship out earlier than I expected to get this job.

    Nearest cities to here are Lyon, Geneva and Turin. All are quite far and treacherous once the winter comes in. And I have no transport.


  3. Download next year maybe?

  4. Already planning on going. I was hoping Maiden would be playing there, but it seems they've opted for Twick instead. Think they'll be playing Graspop though...

    Not been to Wacken before either. And I hear there's a good one in the Czech Republic that's nice and cheap.