Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shot at by Little Imps

For once, I didn't have a lie-in on a Sunday. Went into Manchester to meet up with my Gran and we had brunch in Chinatown. I went to Debenhams and picked up a handbag for my big sis(late Xmas present) - I resisted all temptation to buy something for myself!

The Glamorous C had mentioned that she was thinking of taking her kids to Laser Quest and that I was invited but she'd seemed a bit vague so I didn't think she was going to call me.

But she did, which meant I wasn't really dressed for the occasion (long skirt and boots) but hey, I can adapt to anything, me!

Met up with her and the kids at the Trafford Centre and we piled into Laser Quest...along with a party of twenty 6-7 year olds. In the dark, they were like savage little imps, running around (against the rules), crouching behind corners (also against the rules) and bumping into people with total disregard (probably against the rules). And they kept shooting at me, the little imps!

The good thing was that being only 6-7 years old, they weren't very accurate with their shooting, so I came out ranked 4th overall, although I got 'zapped' quite a few times by the few teenagers who were also in there. So it was a fun but very sweaty game and since I didn't have the right shoes on, I didn't have a go on the climbing wall... The Glamorous C's kids wanted another game, but she was shattered so they'll have to wait til next time. I think I made a good impression on them as they're thinking of inviting me to their birthday parties...hehe!

Anyway, got another 4 day week to look forward to, plus the delectable Kylie in concert - can't wait!