Saturday, January 06, 2007

Shop Shop Shop

Nine more days before I get paid and my bank account is looking seriously grim.

But that didn't stop me going for one last look at the sales in the shops - I went on a spending splurge towards the end of last year and am finding it hard to stop.

I did pick up some bargains and they were all kinda things that I 'needed' - a pair of boots (the ankle variety), a memory card for my digital camera, calendar for work, sports skirt, Christmas cards for next year (nowt like a bit of forward planning...).

I really could do with new work clothes but that's it, no shopping now for a couple of months... at least until I get my finances a little straighter.

I'd better include online/ebay shopping too - too easy to get carried away when things can be yours at the click of a mouse button!


  1. how strange...we chose almost the same new color at the same time...creepy...:}

  2. See...great minds DO think alike! ;-)

  3. Some of those after new years sales are hard to resist. The sales are too good. I didn't buy nearly as much stuff as I did last year due to limited finances myself.

  4. good thing I work in my jammies or I might be tempted to buy some new threads too!
    Although I wouldn't mind a new pair of boots I have no place to wear them!