Thursday, October 12, 2006

You Are What You Eat

The bf thinks I'm not eating enough, but I beg to differ - it's not like I'm going around feeling hungry all the time, despite doing more exercise these days?

So anyway, for a week, I've jotted down everything food-like that's passed through my lips:

Breakfast - Honey Weetabix Bites
Lunch - French bread, feta cheese & olives, 2 x Hula Hoops, Flake bar
Dinner - Lasagne, mash potato, cream scone

Breakfast - 3 x Marmite on toast
Lunch - Cheese sandwich, Hula Hoops, maple syrup slice
Snack - Wasabi peas, apple
Dinner - 2 x bowls homemade veggie soup

Breakfast - Honey Weetabix Bites
Lunch - Cheese & ham sandwich, crisps, cherry tomatoes, Actimel
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Spaghetti with tuna & courgettes in pasta sauce, Hula Hoops

Breakfast - Honey Weetabix Bites
Lunch - Cheese & ham sandwich, crisps, cherry tomatoes, Actimel
Snack - Chocolate mini roll, mini flapjack, banana
Dinner - 6 x cream crackers and cheese, tinned veggie soup, wasabi peas

Breakfast - Fried egg & sausage
Lunch - Cheese & ham sandwich, crisps, cherry tomatoes, Actimel
Snack - Mini Flake, mini flapjack, apple
Dinner - 2 x bowls homemade veggie soup, 4 x cream crackers & cheese, Hula Hoops

Breakfast - Honey Weetabix Bites
Snack - Banana
Lunch - Chicken breast and sweetcorn, crisps
Dinner - Spaghetti with garlic and pasta sauce

Breakfast - Fried egg, 2 x bacon, baked beans
Lunch - Egg & tomato sandwich, crisps, Actimel
Snack - Apple, chocolate cookie
Dinner - Jacket potato with cheese, 4 x cream crackers & cheese

No idea what my calorie intake is or whether the above is enough for me or not but I feel good and my weight's stayed the same. Should eat more fruit and veg I think, to try and get my minimum 5 a day.

This week, I also drank over 20 mugs of tea, a couple of glasses of milk, fewer than 6 glasses of water, one gin & tonic and 5 beers. I also took an evening primrose capsule and a glucosamine sulphate tablet a day.

Should drink more water when I'm at work but I always forget. Or maybe it's cos the toilets are miles away and I don't want to keep making treks all the time, like some women in the office do?

Anyway, looking forward to the weekend, has been a long hard week.

10 more days til we go on our jollies! :)


  1. wow...that might be a blogosphere first...everyone should post a week of food.

  2. Hehehe was that your first week on Actimel? The third (ever) day seems to be the trigger for any rumbling readjustements so I couldn't help giggling when I saw you skipped, on Thursday.
    You have a thing for Hula Hoops, then?

    Thanks for dropping by

  3. yummy.. that all sounds very nice.

  4. Hehe, I forgot to have the Actimel on Thursday so dodgy rumblings weren't the cause! :)

  5. Mmm hula hoops! :)

    I've been keeping a food diary the past few weeks as well, but for completley different reasons lol.

    (I ate summit that didn't agree with baby. So I am keeping a diary for a while to determind which food upsets his tummy and which I'm ok to eat).