Friday, September 08, 2006


Couple of mad weekends coming up, when I should really be taking it easy and resting. Still, I should be grateful to have a social life and not whine about it.

But it's just as well I can get some relaxation in soon (though, not soon enough) as I HAVE BOOKED MY HOLIDAY! Woohoo, yay, yippee, etc!

Canary Islands, here we come! Looking forward to sun, beach, pool, eating, drinking, thinking of nothing, reading trashy novels. Bliss!

Still a while to go yet (towards end Oct) but I soooo can't wait! :)


  1. I'm sure you'll have a great trip.

  2. Anonymous8:15 am

    will you help the stranded Africans there?

  3. Probably not - I don't have a spare boat for them.

  4. So exciting! Can't wait to learn about your holiday upon your return. It will get here before you know it. There's no place to pack a boat anyway.