Monday, September 11, 2006


Saturday started off badly, with the bf having mislaid his mobile phone so he was stomping around the house and Liverpool getting a dreadful thumping in the Scouse derby - yay the weekend - not!

But, doom and gloom was banished as the bf luckily found his phone and then a great girlie night out was had, celebrating the glamorous C's birthday. Nothing had been planned beforehand, so it was all kinda last minute but the lack of planning probably made it all the more enjoyable, in a go-with-the-flow kinda of way.

For the first time in seemingly ages, the clouds dried up above Manchester for a while, so we were sat outside Tiger Tiger doing our usual people-watching, whilst enjoying a few Bombay G&Ts. Gaggles of hen parties and ladies of the night lookalikes galore paraded up and down outside the Printworks. Fleets of stretch limos cruised past, yet none of the inebriated people waving from the vehicles looked a day over 16...gosh, I must be getting older...

Tottered across the city into Chinatown and scoffed a nice meal at the New Emperor restaurant - crispy duck is just so yummy - before heading over with some kinda curious dread to Yates's, as there's usually some sights to behold there.

The place seems to have been "spruced up" a little since we were last there, most notably newly decorated with two poles, which every so often, drunken bimbettes or women the wrong side of 40 wearing mini-skirts would get up and have a go at gyrating round to songs from the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack. Nice free floor show for the guys... and there were lots of them the wrong side of 50, so it wasn't a place you wanted to catch anyone's eye...

We swiftly moved down the street to Che (I'm sure it used to be called summat else), where there was a younger crowd and the people didn't look so desperate. Sank a few more Bombays, danced a little, chatted a bit, laughed loads.

Before long, it was time to book the taxi out of town and the "It'll be with you in 10 minutes, love" turned out to be 45 minutes, during which we grew experienced at ignoring the the packs of undesirables piling out into the streets.

2.45am by the time I got to bed which will leave me knackered for the rest of the week, but it was a great night out.

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