Wednesday, August 02, 2006

24 hours later...

I've just finished re-watching 24 Series 1 on DVD - it's taken me a little over a week, ploughing through a few episodes a night.

Some parts dragged on a little bit but it was all pretty watchable the second time round, made easier with the great storyline and superb acting.

I checked out the 'alternative ending' and am glad they didn't use that - I would have been so disappointed and think I would have felt somewhat cheated by such a poor ending.

Season 2 is still wrapped up in cellophane - I watched most of this series on TV but not the last few episodes. Think I'll give myself a break (of a few days maybe...) before immersing myself in the world of Jack Bauer again...


  1. Just popped by to say hi and catch up as I've been offline for a while. Hope you're well! :)

  2. We didn't watch this series on TV but one of our friends brought over the DVD and got us caught up in JACK BAUER! Now that Alias is gone, maybe this one can take its place. It takes a lot of time to get through those hour long shows when you have the whole season on DVD, but when you start watching and they have those cliffhangers, you want to keep going.

  3. I've still never seen that