Friday, July 21, 2006


I've been too brain-dead, tired and been enjoying the sun too much to be posting regularly - my apologies.

I love this hot weather, hope it will last for many more months. I can't believe people are complaining about the heat when it's rare for us to have a summer like this - it would be nice to spend most of my time in my bikini!

Am looking forward to my long-delayed holiday in Oct/Nov - I so need a break from work. The new job is really good but there's only so much my head and my brain will take without a good rest.

On Saturday, I had a little nice diversion - went out with the girls for my belated birthday celebration (seeing as I was in Sweden on the actual day).

As predicted it was a lovely scorching day - we met up at 2pm ish in the afternoon and spent a few hours bronzing outside Tiger Tiger, supping white wine and people watching. I was smothered in my factor 20 suncream - a couple of the girls who are typical 'English Roses' and very pale had no protection so were rather pink after a while - ouch!

It was the usual girlie gang only this time, glamorous C was there (the only sober one cos she was driving) and also one of A's colleagues who's a lesbian - never met her before but it was great cos I was able to talk football with someone that day/night and not get glazed vacant looks! :)

We stopped off at a couple of pubs before we went to La Vina for some tapas - I can't remember which pubs we went to as all I recall was that I was wearing new high heeled sandals and I kept thinking I was going to fall over! I also don't recall eating anything - too much sun and wine!

We ended up at The Hog's Head and some other place afterwards - it was all a bit of a happy blur to me.

On Sunday, sunbathed in the garden for a few hours with a hangover, before me and the bf had a mini-BBQ.

Love the British summer!


  1. A's colleagues who's a lesbian.

    Is she single? Is relatively good looking? Is she a good kisser? Does she like a challenge?

    [there's no hint of desperation in my voice]

  2. LOL - I'd say she wasn't your type!

  3. Is she of the *whispers* butch ?

    Or is just because she's NOT Sue Perkins ?

  4. Sounds like you had a great belated birthday celebration. It has been hot and so muggy here in Houston but we are know for humid weather. I just wish it was more of a dry heat.

  5. I hate moaning about the heat as we so rarely get a decent summer but...
    My work sucks donkey balls. We have a 100 foot long oven that is on at 200 degrees C all bloody day & night. On top of that the Laboratory (where I work) is quite possibly the hottset room ever in the entire history of hot rooms.
    So I'm a bit miffed about the heat right now.

  6. I do feel sorry for people working in places without air-con. In our old office, every window used to be open in the summer...until one day, a load of laptops got nicked so they put bars on the windows which meant they could no longer be opened... Yes, it was like working in a hot prison!