Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Balls Please

So, Amelie Mauresmo wins her first Wimbledon title, the first Frenchwoman to do so in around 80 years or something. It wasn't a classic final - both she and the Belgian Justine Henin-Hardin suffered from nerves and made errors, but they also played some great tennis.

Women's tennis is generally thought to be more entertaining these days - and not just because of all the pretty, tall, blonde Russians that get churned out from the Florida training camps each year! There was a time when the only athletic woman player on the tours was Martina Navratilova - nowadays, all the women are athletic, taking the games to a higher level.

I hope to be tuning in to watch the men's final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (who must have the nicest biceps in tennis...)

And then after that, there's the small matter of the World Cup final - after Amelie's success, can the French pull a double-whammy?


  1. I think that the women's tennis is much more entertaining than the fella's.
    The men's is all about power and while yes there is skill, they don't play the amount of shots in a rally.

  2. And what's wrong with the tall blonde Russians ?

    Are you being size-ist ? Racist ?

    Everybody loves a pretty Russian.


  3. Oops...looks like I jinxed the French in the World Cup...

    And no, nothing wrong with tall blonde russians...perhaps I'm just tad jealous! ;-)