Friday, June 16, 2006

Scouse Power

Yet another uninspired performance by England but for once, Sven made some decent substitutions, which changed the game in a positive way.

'Shrek' came on and didn't seem to have any problems with his foot, though I still don't think he was 100% match fit. The whippy Lennon came on, and straight away started to be a threat to the Trinidadians (or is it Tobagians?)

Crouchie and Lampard made some shocking misses in front of the goal and it all looked like England would settle for a dreary 0-0 draw until finally, the 9 ft Crouchie scored with his head in the 82nd minute.

Sitting in a bar surrounded by Swedes who were rooting for Trinidad & Tobago, me and two colleagues were the only people who jumped up and cheered!

Then in the 90th minute, Stevie G lashed in a stunning left-foot drive and England are well and through to the next round!

We hung around to watch the Sweden v Paraguay game - nice goal from Freddie in the dying minutes so should tee up to a nice confrontation next week.

And since England won and as promised, here's the pic I posted on my birthday. See? Nothing to get excited over...

For 24 hours only, as it's just too weird for me to see my mug on here....


  1. I think it was a little obvious that Rooney wasn't match fit. He made an initial impact, but only for a few minutes, Lennon played a much more important role.

    Interesting to see if poor old Owen gets a full 90 minutes in the next match. I think he needs it.

  2. hurrah! picture!

    well, the game was won, that's the main thing. I still can't see us beating anyone half decent, though.

  3. Any comment to make on the hair-pulling?

  4. Sue Perkins glasses (almost)


  5. Fence - yeah, some refs would have not given that goal for the hair-pulling, so we were lucky there.

    Jo - LOL!

  6. Nice pic!

    Agree with your comments on the match. Was disappointed we didn't get to see Crouchie's robot dance though lol!

    Btw, I've tagged you. Won't be offended if you give it a miss as I don't normally do memes and things, but thought I'd let ya know.

  7. Anonymous10:44 am

    I missed the picture damn it! I demand a repost! boo hoo.

  8. Darn! Missed it again. Sigh...