Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A load of Boules

My last weekend in Stockholm came and went in a blaze of glorious sunshine. I'm so glad the great weather has continued unabated, as the boyfriend was able to appreciate and enjoy the city as I have (his last memories had been full of snow, snow, blizzards and more snow...)

We took a boat trip out to Vaxholm and saw some of the archipelago - tiny little forest-covered islands, some of which are privately owned by people, who had built their own "summer homes" there - they looked fantastic!

One last trip to Skansen, to walk around the beautifully preserved 16th and 17th century buildings and then back to Stockholm city to sample some Belgian beer.

On Sunday, I sat in Kungsträdgården, where there was an international boules tournament (La Mayo Boule Festival) taking place. I spent the afternoon catching rays in the scorching heat and watching people practice and competing against each other- boules looks like a simple game but probably very difficult to master. You could tell which players were the Swedes and which weren't - the non-Swedes were the ones who cussed and muttered when their boules didn't land correctly. The Swedes were just really laid back and calm, regardless of winning or losing.

Wonder if they will be so calm and laid back after tonight's game?

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  1. Glad your weekend made up for all that past snowy weather. Skansen looks like a lot of fun.