Thursday, May 04, 2006


Had a bit of a shock arriving back in Manchester today to find that the country was experiencing some kind of heatwave!

Although sunny in Stockholm, it's still a chilly 11-12 degrees, so the 25 degrees blast as I walked out of the airport had me sweating in my fleece jacket.

Hope this continues over the weekend, as have been invited to a beers and barbie party.


  1. Weenie! You got it all right! AIK is the shit! Keep up the good spirit with gnaget=aik! maybe i c u there! (at norra stå;)

  2. Heat wave in Britain-surely that can't be right lol.

    Enjoy the beers and barbie party!

  3. Have fun at the beers and barbie party. Minus the fleece jacket.

  4. Thanks all, had a great time. Head's a bit tender today!