Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lost Again

I've just started rewatching season 1 of Lost on DVD - watched 4 episodes back to back and it's just so...more-ish!

Great to see the characters as they were at the beginning, knowing how they develop later on in the series. Also, I missed a few episodes, so looking forward to watching those for the first time.

Beautiful location, great looking cast and intriguing storyline(s). Fantasy TV in its prime!


  1. I missed the last one of the first series.
    Was mightily upset too when I missed the repeat.
    But Swayer and Charlie....... Yum!

  2. I also recently re-watched all of series one. It's just sheer bloody class!

  3. I really liked the first season. Jack was more to my liking. Now he gets on my nerves. This second one seems to drag as well although I still tune in.