Monday, April 24, 2006

He Aint No Saint

This George definitely isn't a saint but he is a legend and I've got tickets to see Mr Michael (aka Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou) on his 25 Live Tour, which kicks off in Manchester in November! Woohoo! Can't wait! :)

Who cares if he can't drive without hitting parked cars??


  1. Hopefully he won't drive himself to the concert. I feel bad for him. I heard on celebrity news he was lashing out at Elton for his predicament.

  2. I have an opinion on George Michael. It's along the same lines as my opinion on Robbie, but less intense.

    Care to start a (virtual) fight ?


  3. Hey Jo, George has come out...Robbie hasn't (yet)....what is there to discuss? ;-)

    I've had a pint too many on a school night - am gonna feel shit tomorrow - fortunately, boss is the UK so won't notice much!

    Up the Gooners!

  4. ok, made a mess of my previous post...think I need to go to bed asap

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  6. I'm not a huge George fan. he's alright, but I don't feel strongly one way or the other.

    Still, enjoy the show, I'd say he'll give a good performance. Isn't he doing a recap of the 50 million years in show biz? Right back to his Wham days? That'd be fun.

  7. Oh, and I've just spotted you are reading Nylon Angel.
    I read it a while ago and wasn't overly impressed. But then it got better towards the end so I'm in two minds about whether or not to read more in the series.

  8. Yeah Fence, it's the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go stuff I'm looking forward to actually!

    And have only read the first few pages of Nylon Angel so far and it's been ok, kinda easy reading really.

  9. George Michael, eh?
    I used to have a lot of time for the guy & I still admire his songwriting capabilities.
    However, I don't feel that he's made a good record in over 10 years.