Thursday, September 23, 2004

Self Defence

J told me about something that happened to her bf: Mark
He was driving last night and he apparently cut some guy up on the road. This happens in every day life - you get over it after a short while.
This guy however proceeded to tailgate him, revving the engine and flashing his lights. This went on for about 5 miles.

Mark got to his destination and got out of his car. The guy pulled his car up and got out too, leaving his engine running.He goes up to Mark and immediately throws a punch at him! :O
From years of self-defence, Mark instinctively went to block the punch so it only glanced past his head.

By the end of it all, the guy was a bloody quivering wreck, muttering "Enough!"... pity for him that he started it all and Mark's had a lot on his chest recently, so he was left crumpled next to his car, with his mobile phone smashed up.

Serves him right for picking on the wrong guy - I bet this idiot's done this sort of thing before, ie harrass other drivers and then assault them, otherwise he would never have had the confidence to just go up to Mark and try to punch him, cos Mark's a big guy.

Seriously hope that Mark doesn't get into trouble for this - the law is so warped these days and seems to protect criminals...

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