Monday, September 13, 2004

Modelling career...NOT!

Perhaps I have delusions about myself, or maybe I'm at a stage of my life where I'm quite content with how I look?Hmmm...

Last week, an email went out asking if people wanted to be photographed to have a chance of being included on some advertising literature for the company. As the company I work for is a big US international company, then this was a chance of getting one's face plastered on stuff around the world. I have no idea why I volunteered but I did...

Today, I turned up in a nice dark red business suit, wore a little more make-up than I normally did and nervously waited my turn to be photographed. My immediate colleagues were surprised that I had volunteered - maybe that should be telling me something?

Anyway, the time came and I went downstairs (after reapplying my lipstick and pouting in the mirror) and went into the spare training room they were using for the photography.

The guy was Dutch I think - he and the lady there spoke too quickly for me to pick up on the language but it was deffo not French or German. Bright lights, white umbrella thingy, hey it looked like the works. He looked a bit like Jarvis Cocker out of the band Pulp, and said he was glad I wasn't wearing a black suit like many others who had turned up before me. Woohoo, more of a chance for me then! :D

I stood there and grinned at him - Kate Moss or Claudia Schiffer I am not! He had me turning this way and that, doing different poses, hand on hip etc.

When I left the room, I was buzzing!!

Hardly think my modelling career will be launched though! ;)

But it was fun and a nice diversion at work (much like this is!)

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