Thursday, September 23, 2004

Getting Obsessed?

Gawd...not sure if doing this blog is such a good idea...I think I'm getting obsessed! Things people say, things I see, all I ever think now is "Oh, that will have to go into the blog!".

I'm spending so much time just tinkering about with html and stuff (need to work out how to make the column on the left more narrow...) - even sneakily checking it out at work (like now!). Only time will tell before someone cottons on to what I'm doing and the firewall will stop me from logging onto - oh noooooo! :( Already, there's a lot of stuff we can't check on the internet, eg Hotmail (or any other web-based email), gambling sites (that also means the Lotto site!), games sites and chat sites for obvious reasons.

I never thought I'd really get into blogging but it seems to have fit nicely into my life so I'll continue with my irrelevant musings, comments and stuff. Not given anyone the link for this - not sure if I'd want anyone I know to read this!

1 comment:

  1. Just wondering the blogs and dropped by here. Don't forget you can submit blog entries by E-mail. As long as your work has an E-mail service that allows outside mail you should be able to update. (But not check comments)