Sunday, September 19, 2004


Borrowed the DVD 'Equilibrium' from a colleague. Hadn't really heard of it, so was surprised to find that it wasn't too bad, with some good concepts (martial arts with guns!!), nice images. Christian Bale made an adequate moody anti-hero (fit body too!) and I can see that he will be good as the next Batman, which promises to be darker than the recent outings on the big screen.

However, there was something lacking in the film - you didn't really want to support the cause of the rebels as you didn't get to see what they were doing; even when the 'Underground' base was discovered, you didn't get to see what they had been doing, to preserve things like art, music and books, etc. All they seemed to have was a lot of guns!

When 'Father' was killed at the end and buildings could be seen exploding, I couldn't help but think of the anarchy and wars that would not really a happy ending!

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