Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anti Mosquito or People?

I have a Blackberry so I don't tend to download many apps. However, I was looking for a free stopwatch app (to help me with exercising) and while I was browsing the app-store, I came across a free 'anti-mosquito' app.

It claimed to emit a high frequency sound which apparently mozzies don't like so they don't hang around to feed. Perfect, I thought, since I get bitten to pieces when I'm on holiday!

Anyway, after downloading it, I thought I'd test it out - all I heard were a series of little clicks from my phone.

However, the reaction of my colleagues was totally different. Five people sitting near me suddenly cried out, asking what that horrible noise was!

I looked over at my friend SW and asked her "Seriously - you heard something just now?" She confirmed that she could hear a very high-pitched squeaking noise.

I played the app again and a girl from two rows down wandered over and asked what was going on and what was making that awful sound!

Seems I wasn't the only person not able to hear it, a couple of the guys couldn't hear it either and it didn't seem to be age related, which was what I thought originally.

So....I can test this out on mosquitoes next time I go away...and I can also test it out in say shops, restaurants if there's someone annoying me...

Now would I really do something like that!? ;-)

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