Sunday, January 06, 2013

Another year over...

So...a week into 2013, yet 2012 seems so long ago...

I had a fabulous Christmas, celebrating it in Hong Kong for the first time with the family. It was a very short but sweet trip.

One big difference I noticed was that unlike in the UK, people were not out in shopping centres in their hordes, madly looking for bargains in the sales, because there were no sales.

I also went to a shopping centre the day after Boxing Day and it was...virtually void of people, a first for me!

Another first was nearly missing my connecting transfer back to the UK - running through Zurich airport and being the last one on the plane! Phew!

So what's new for this year? I don't know really. I haven't made any resolutions, but I guess I will 'resolve' to do / not do stuff at some point.  I don't seem to have a lot of motivation at the moment so the year hasn't started with me invigorated - I think I'm suffering from jet lag and lack of exercise has made me feel lethargic!

Looking after the pennies I guess will be a big factor, as I have another trip planned soon so I can see me being in  Skintsville for the first half of the year at least. All my utility bills have gone up, or rather, all the direct debit payments have increased - bummer.

Since I've pretty much been to all the gigs I want to go to over the last few years, I guess I could save there (ie not go to any), although going to Leeds again is still on the cards, depending on who's headlining.

Keeping up this blog? I don't know that I'm ready to definitely call it a day yet but we'll see how inclined I am to update this. Maybe give this another year, dunno.

I'm still playing WoW but not so much these days. Must be starting to lose interest as I started to play another game recently, The Secret World, another MMORPG but which has no subscription fees.

Top voice characterisation (although the 'Londoners' speak like bad extras off 'Eastenders' or from 'Mary Poppins'), fantastic storyline and creepy music means I get kinda scared playing it (and there are zombies to kill), so I'm only playing it for short periods at a time (or during the day at weekends lol - I'm such a scaredy cat!)

Anyway, all the best to all for 2013!

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