Thursday, September 13, 2012


Oh my, how did we end up mid-September already?

Anyway, Friday at Leeds Festival (several weeks ago!) was awesome - Bullet For My Valentine were great, The Black Keys brilliant, the Foo Fighters...I cried with joy and drunken emotion during their performance but fortunately, none of the girls saw my tears in the rain - they were unbelievable.

Been 5 years since I was last at Leeds, much of the same, weather was ok at first, didn't get wet til gone 9pm. Hotel was nicer, we stayed at the Marriott haha!

Would love to do the festival next year but now that I've finally seen the Foos, I have actually now seen all of my favourite bands live - it's only a matter of seeing them all over again I guess and Muse are on that list later in the year!

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  1. I saw Muse, at Leeds fest many years ago as it happens. Gillian loves them but couldn't see them last time they toured as she was ill and gave her ticket to her mum.

    And this year they tour while we're away getting married, the awkward sods. Along with Terrorvision, Trivium and Bowling For Soup. Boo :(