Sunday, July 15, 2012


As mentioned previously, I now have a new car - it's a Mazda 2. Not driven a Japanese car since I passed my test - bit of a different drive from my Clio but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Lots of kit thrown in eg sat nav, alloys etc but no CARPETS!? (I didn't want to pay £300 for their 'rug set'). Looks rather sporty but I'm no girl racer!

Out on Sat with JH and a couple of girls (LS and LM) that we know from our Body Attack aerobics class. It's funny that we stand next to each other in classes, being polite and saying hello before and after the class, and after a while, we realised that we really got on and instead of just talking about it, actually arranged a night out.

It was really enjoyable day/night out (early start at 2.30pm as usual), chatting and finding out stuff about new people and I for one feel that I've made two new good friends. Lots in common despite different upbringings, different opinions but same sense of humour.

I'm afraid I overdid it on the proscecco and couldn't eat my delicious food but at least I knew when to stop drinking so wasn't too bad by the time I went home!

Today, my hangover was severely tested by being woken up early by my 5 year old nephew (he's over with Big Sis) and then playing football in the garden!

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