Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Round Up

Gosh, the past few weeks have been a real blur.

Witnessed England getting dumped out of the Euro competition by the usual penalty shoot-out, celebrated a birthday (yes another year older dammit!) with the usual outing with the girls but also a meal out (yes really) with Boom. Also got to hold an Olympic Torch (guy at work was a torch-bearer and brought it in, and yes, that's my arm!) - it was pretty heavy!

Also, my parents are visiting for the first time in two years - aha, now I know why it's all been a blur lately..I've been too busy TIDYING UP! Anyway, must have done an ok job as my mum mentioned it to my sisters!

What else have I done this month? Decided that I'm going to buy a new car (I had a plan two months ago when I only renewed my Tax Disc for 6 months) and was speccing out and pricing up VW Polos but that's not what I've gone for in the end.

I'll post again when the car arrives...

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