Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slippery Slope

Thus far, I’ve been pulling any stray grey hair I’ve found but age has won out, and following comments from my sisters for ‘letting the side down’, I’ve had my few grey bits ‘blended’ into my normal colour hair. This does now mean I have to go to the hairdresser’s more regularly and I do find that a chore cos I hate all the waiting around, the inane chatter and crappy magazines. Plus it aint cheap.

Bugger, but hey, no more grey bits for a while!

We were going to go out into city centre to celebrate SW’s birthday but decided to give it a miss in light of recent events so went to the Trafford Centre instead. A nice meal, lots of cocktails but at some bar, we were sat next to a piece of sh*t who was bragging to his girlfriend that he had looted an Xbox 360. HW surreptitiously took a picture of him on her phone, which showed his side profile and tattooed arm – not sure where she can post that anonymously.

Felt like poo the next day, second hangover in a just over a couple of weeks, can’t cope these days!

With part of the award I got from work, I treated myself to a new vacuum cleaner – I think the one I’ve been using is nearly 20 years old. I’ve gotten myself a Dyson and it is one serious piece of kit – it was like a Transformer as I was putting it together! I must be getting old if I’m getting excited over a hoover, haha! Anyway, gave it a whirl and it sucked up a ton of stuff from my lounge which I had already hovered with the old machine!

Somehow this new toy might make one household chore a little more enjoyable!

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  1. Give Crimestoppers a ring, or print it and take it to the local cop shop.