Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best of British?

I'm working half day tomorrow so I can meet up with my parents to sort out things at the bank in town. I asked them where they wanted to meet for lunch but I already knew what my mum would say:

"Let's go to British Home Stores again!"

Of all the varied, fancy, award winning restaurants in Manchester City Centre, my parents keep wanting to go back to BHS (this will be the 3rd time in two weeks) because according to them, it's hard to find good old British meals in Hong Kong and they miss it!

True, they did mention that the restaurant looked a bit tatty and the service was slow but that didn't put them off tucking into their fish & chips and cottage pie - not entirely healthy but they are on holiday and entitled to indulge!

I've been on holiday and gone to the same restaurant several times before so I guess it's not that different but it's just funny since BHS wouldn't normally be on anyone's radar for clothes never mind dining.

Although as I made my way to the restaurant, I did see a couple of tops  that may need investigating for work wear!

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