Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Damn, still not gotten round to doing my round up...really must get my arse in gear.

Anyway, Sunday I was at V Festival for the first time - should have gone with Boom but instead, I took the glamorous C's soon-to-be 14 years old daughter, who I think I've referred to in the past as Saffy.

The glamorous C dropped us off at Stafford and clad in wellies and vest tops, we took the shuttle bus to Weston Park. I don't know what happened to the predicted downpour but it was gorgeous and scorching, was so glad we had our high sun factor cream on, amid many people who were red with sunburn - ouch.

Who did we see? Kings of Leon (awesome), the Pretty Reckless (pictured, surprisingly good), the Courteeners, Feeder, Florence & the Machine (really worked the crowd), White Lies, Scouting for Girls (fun), the Temper Trap, Paloma Faith (also surprisingly good), The Magic Numbers and a tiny bit of Tinie Tempah (see what I did there? :-) ) This last act....for Saffy's benefit really!

As is usual with festivals, lots of sights to see, people dressed up, lots of nice topless eye-candy, tattoos galore and of course, dodgy portaloos! Loads of people just going to the toilet on the sides, men and women, lazy arses. We had a timetable of the acts so didn't do much hanging about, just moved from one act to the next to try to squeeze in as many as possible. I only had 2 alcoholic drinks, needed to keep my head clear as I was with a minor!

When asked if she enjoyed herself afterwards, Saffy said yes she did. Asked if she would do it again, she said she wasn't sure and I know why. It was a festival of two halves for her - the day bit, full of sunshine, funny sights, sitting or dancing and chilling. Then there's the night bit, dark, colder, getting shoved about as people get more raucous and more drunk, various liquids being thrown about. At least she knows first hand what it's like and I suggested that she give it another couple of years and she'll be back for more, knowing what to expect! Hope the experience hasn't scarred/scared her for life!

The next day, madam went through my ipod for songs of some of the acts she'd seen - I'm slowing changing her music tastes so it's not all club and dance music!

Anyway, there was no stopping me this weekend as on Monday night, I was sitting in the pouring rain witnessing Man City demolish Liverpool in front of City's billionaire owner - the Reds were totally outplayed, damp weather, damp result. At least CK was made up, think it was the first match that she's seen City win. It's going to be a long hard season for me.

Another gig soon - a band I've been waiting to see for aaaaages!

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