Thursday, July 08, 2010


A quick look at my last few posts seem to be all doom and gloom and sorry, here's yet more doom and gloom.

On my way home from the gym, was coming off a roundabout to join the slip road when some idiot drove into the side of my car (rear passenger side) as they wanted to go right and they were in the wrong lane! Yes, it was a dumb-ass woman driver, the kind who give us all a bad name!

I was more angry than shocked and said very little to her apart from exchange details. I knew that if I had a rant at her, my fist would end up in her face if she had a go back at me. So I didn't.

This is all I need.

Hope it'll be simple and she accepts the blame like she should.

Think I may ache a bit tomorrow. Bummer.


  1. Damn - hope you don't have any problems with your claim.

  2. Some asshat in his dad's car almost did that to me a few years ago. Instead, he shoved his accelerator down, cut me up and almost made me hit the central reservation on the left turn.

    I chased him, penned him into a bus stop and screamed at him through his window. For some reason he refused to get out of the car. I guess I look kind of scary when I want to kill a person.

    Dunno why I didn't take his details and report him. Or at least find out where he loved, went round and slashed his tyres.

  3. Some right idiots on the roads. Still saving my real rant in the event the stupid cow claims the accident wasn't her fault.