Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Boob...

I called my mum over the weekend as it was Mother's Day.  She's due to come over to the UK as she and Dad are going on a mini European cruise and it's been two years since their last UK visit so they were planning to stop off for a while.

Mum was a bit vague about her dates and when pushed, she said she didn't know as she was waiting for test results from a biopsy she had done on her breast recently.

"Oh," I said. She hadn't mentioned a thing when I saw her recently and as she added, it wasn't 'appropriate' as everyone was in wedding and happy mode and she didn't want to spoil things.

Anyway, the results came back yesterday and they're not good.

So she's booked in to have a mastectomy.


I spoke to her earlier today and she seemed calm and ok. My sister confirmed that Mum, after an initial shock, was ok and resigned to the procedure she had decided to have.

My family are all rallying round to support her and this will greatly help her with recover I hope.

Me, I will support her with my thoughts from afar. :(

I just feel like bursting into tears all the time but must just carry on regardless.


  1. Realistically there's nothing I can say that will not sound like every trite bit of nonsense under the sun.

    I wish this wasn't the case, but "HUGS" instead.

  2. Sorry to hear that weenie :(

  3. Thanks for your kind words.