Friday, April 30, 2010

May Blank Hols...

Yep, it's the first bank holiday weekend of May - I know I should update my blog but I know I probably won't so I'll just quickly jot some things down that are on my mind:


No, not some new world war website but an acronym I learnt yesterday at work (the company is very fond of acronyms). What does it stand for (you may or may not be wondering)? "Why We Win Why We Lose". Ahem.


With Liverpool's disastrous season and them being knocked out of the both Champions League and Europa Cup (last night), plus Ebbsfleet United being relegated from the Blue Square Premier League and the future unknown for MyFootballClub, I would like to say that I hope England provide at least a smidgen of football enjoyment for me this summer...


I noticed an extra layer round my waist due to overeating and no exercise these past few weeks - this must go.


I seem to have a lot of clothes but am reluctant to throw any away - I shall make an effort this weekend to see if any items can go in the ever present charity bag.

Have a nice long weekend all!


  1. Happy Bank Holiday!

  2. Yeah have a good weekend. Glad you got back OK.

    I was rather thankful for the ash - it gave me an extra week with Sandra.

    Sadly I think the weather forecast for the weekend is dire!

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