Saturday, March 14, 2009


A glorious sunny day saw a glorious (and somewhat unexpected) victory for Liverpool against Man United.

From 1-0 down (courtesy of a Ronaldo penalty), the Scousers went on to win 4-1 (goals from Torres, Gerrard (p), Aurelio and a cheeky lob from Dossena), keeping their slim title hopes still alive.

United did not play well - Stevie G and Nando Torres on the other hand were absolutely awesome for Liverpool - the whole team were magnificent, plus this makes it two victories against Man U this season!

I watched the match at the David Lloyd club, sitting with a small pocket of Liverpool fans in a room full of United fans - cheered loudly each time we scored!

I was really happy with the win but in a way, not quite as ecstatic as I should be. How come? Cos Boom was at Old Trafford watching his team get battered - on his birthday weekend! So I felt sorry for him, he sent me a 'well done' text and I saved all the gloating texts for other United fans I know!

Still, we did celebrate his birthday by going out for a nice Mexican meal last night and had a pleasant evening - tonight, he'll be out getting horribly drunk with his mates, drowning his sorrows instead of savouring victory.

Too little too late for the title? Who knows - one can still hope and dream.


  1. Far too late for the title, but funny for boyfriend baiting purposes :)

  2. Anonymous11:17 am

    Wow, that was a good result.

    Preston are doing OK - currently 6th I think and even Norwich moved out of the relegation zone amazingly. So a good weekend all round!

  3. Yep, a fantastic result for us. I keep an eye out on Preston's results as you're the only person I know who supports them! Would be great if they got promoted!