Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sharp Blunt

I think I've mentioned before that my musical tastes are pretty eclectic. So the concerts/gigs I've been to this year thus far have been Spice Girls (yeah I know!), Linkin Park and Clubland Live. Last night, James Blunt was added to the list.

Before you shake your head in despair, let me tell you that he was excellent, plus I was totally proved wrong in thinking that all blokes hated him, as there were loads of guys there - I was shocked!

Anyway, I was there with the ubiquitous glamorous C - she'd had a date earlier in the day so there was a lot for us to catch up on.

So James' concert was not the kind that we normally go to, which would generally include in the audience screaming girls, glowsticks, fancy dress, whistles and klaxons. So different in fact that whilst the support act was on (dunno who the guy was) and us being in full laughing and giggling mode, we were told off for talking too loudly by some bearded guy sitting in the row in front of us!

Funny though how during the main event, the guy didn't say 'boo' to the drunken couple sitting directly behind him and his older bird, who talked and slurred throughout the whole concert whilst swigging their beer...

Anyway, Captain Blunt - nothing to really look at, bit on the scrawny side but he comes across as a very nice chap, great voice which has a lot of emotion and there's something I really like about his songs. Rumoured to be big in the trouser department, not that that has got anything to do with his music!

Have to say that I knew that 'Goodbye My Lover' would reduce me to tears and the glamorous C joined me in crying like a big girl by the end of it! All in all, a most enjoyable concert.

Back home, got distracted online, read a bit more of my overdue library book, bed late - looking forward to a bit of a lie in at the weekend!


  1. The simple use of the word "sitting" tells me it's not a concert I'd like to go to.

    Oh, and "James Blunt".

    I'm just pissed off cos I found out that Slayer and Wednesday 13 are playing in the UK while I'm home. But the best/only dates for both at in London so it's a nightmare to get there and far too expensive.

    Oh, and I'm missing Machine Head / Slipknot because I'll be working in France when they tour.

  2. This was just something different again. Whilst I do enjoy concerts that have a mosh pit, you wouldn't find me in there. I'd go in and never come out again!