Friday, October 10, 2008


It's the weekend already and I appear to have forgotten to mention last weekend, so briefly:

- Went to watch Altrincham v Ebbsfleet United
- Met up with a couple of the Manchester lads
- Managed to squeeze a bit of Primark shopping in before the footie (I am female after all...)
- Beered up before the match
- Got cold and wet watching the Fleet lose 2-0
- Couple more beers after the match. Topics of conversation veered from football to Viagra
- Manchester lads tried to guess my age and got it wrong by 8 years, so I'm obviously not quite looking 10 years younger these days
- A few drunken texts and emails later, crashed out in bed early.

Felt like poo the next day - serves me right.


  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Wow, you've been prolific this week. I am just catching up.

    I don't like James Blunt I'm afraid (well not him personally but his music) but I kind of like The Killers. But I'd be glad to go to any concert these days since I never get to any. So invite me to see James Blunt and I'd go!

    Sounds like a good weekend - any weekend which involves beer sounds good to me.

    But this one has been fab has't it? The weather has been gorgeous and the beer has flowed freely. Hope yours has been good too.

  2. Your own prolificness (is that a word, haha?) RB, has inspired me! But also there will shortly be a time of inactivity for me.

    It has been a great weekend and the best thing is, it hasn't quite ended yet - yay!

    James Blunt is like marmite though - love him or hate him, no in between!