Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Godmother

Doesn't quite have the same ring as the male version, does it?

Still, I'm really chuffed that my big sis has asked me to be godmother to my nephew - eeeee! Ace! So now I will have two godsons, one who'll be a grown up in a few years time and one still in his nappies!

Had a nice relaxing time in London, generally chilled with wine, lots of food and catching up on tv. Little nephew celebrated his first birthday and has changed so much, looks like a little boy now as opposed to a baby. Big sis made me change his nappy (as if it were some godmotherly requirement...) - fortunately it wasn't a poopy nappy!

Anyway, this is the first chance I've had really to update - has been a mad week at work, so glad it's the weekend soon and hope there's some SUN!


  1. hey that's really lovely. What an honour eh?

    We didn't have "God" parents for our children, we had "beer" parents - their job being to take them straight to a pub the minute they reach 19 and inculcate them in the appropriate way.

  2. I am godmother to one. But I live so far away I don't get to impart any wisdom on him. And I have yet had to change my nephews diaper. I can pass on that.