Monday, December 17, 2007

Beers, Tears and Fears - Part I

Why is it that when you're getting ready to go out, it seems as if you have loads of time but then all of a sudden, you're rushing around madly? Or is that just me?

Anyway, after a little mishap at home where I snapped the straps of my shoes (tripped over them as I was doing above mad rushing around) and had to sew them up, eventually made it to the Travelodge at Knutsford (aaargh, diversions on the motorway!) to get ready. Had the same room-mates - my mate JH & also CK- as last year and again, we started early, with Bucks Fizz and then vodkas as we got glammed up.

So, it was our long awaited Christmas party, at Tatton Park for the second year running, the theme this year was Swinging Sixties and again, excellent venue, great live entertainment, food was good (can't actually remember eating it though...) and the drink flowed.

It was a great fun night out, there were pink sixties-style caps provided to add to the party flavour (I collected 3 for a future concert attendance...), music was good but the dancefloor was packed, couldn't get near the casino tables, caught up with ex-colleagues and everyone had a great time.

All too soon, the minibus was outside to take us back to the hotel - part II for the adventures back at the hotel!!

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