Monday, October 01, 2007

Lower League

Eight football clubs from League 2 and Conference Premier have now approached MyFootballClub, expressing an interest in talking about possible takeover terms...

As these clubs still remain anonymous, there's much speculation on the forums as to who they might be.

Two suspected candidates are Bury FC and Accrington Stanley FC and with these two teams playing each other this weekend, some MyFootballClub members (including myself) decided it might be a good idea to meet up and watch some League 2 football.

I was the first to arrive, no one was there (of course I didn't know what any member looked like...) me, a lone female in the pub, I nearly did a runner but then two others turned up!

Not a brilliant match, we saw some goals though and Bury got a badly needed home win. Accrington Stanley had some very vocal supporters - I'd be pleased if MFC acquired either of these clubs.


  1. I know Halifax Town were begging to be bought, but their deadline for receiving financing was ages ago now...

  2. Yeah, the director of Halifax approached MyFootballClub but there was already a consortium waiting in the wings to stump up the cash. Not really sure if this cash has been paid up, or if they are still one of the teams in the running...