Thursday, September 13, 2007


On the MyFootballClub forum, there was a poll for the top 3 sexiest women in the world.

As a female, I reckon I can still name a top 3, so off the top of my head, I'd nominate:

1. Charlize Theron
2. Sarah Harding
3. Angelina Jolie

However, it's easier for me to name the top 3 blokes:

Craig, Johnny and Hugh, in no particular order (or all at once, hehe?!)

Four days and counting... :-)


  1. Sarah Harding? :-/

    Meh, too plastic :-P

  2. Hugh Jackman is in my top 3. So handsome! I agree that Jolie is very beautiful but I can't bring myself to put her in my top 3.

  3. RS - I've not looked that closely to see if she's plastic!

    BD - why not? She is on the skinny side though.

  4. Damn that Craig and those bloody blue pants!

  5. Why do so many people fancy Angelina Jolie and why do women always list her in their top 3s or whatever? The woman's a minger, frankly.

    Gimme a night out with Lisa Tarbuck any day!

  6. Anonymous7:18 am

    Who's that Harding lass? Never heard of her.

  7. Blonde one from Girls Aloud, a UK girl group.