Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Win or Lose

Not really mentioned football recently but it's what people are talking about at work and what's dominating the sports pages today.

Yes, I will be watching Liverpool try to turn around a 1-0 deficit against Chelsea tonight to go through to the Champions League final. Yet despite guaranteed qualification for the competition next season, again it's been another disappointing domestic season for the Reds.

Still let's hope there will be something to cheer about tonight.

Update to follow....

YAYYYYY! Liverpool won 4-1 on penalties! Danny Agger equalised in the first half and then it was a stalemate, with both sides having chances (the Reds had a Kuyt goal disallowed).

The Scousers do it again - looking forward to the final already!


  1. Anonymous10:36 am

    Yea, I'm looking forward to the final myself... gotta say, I'm gonna be behind Man U. though. ;)
    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my little place... nice to know someone reads it, lol.

  2. And ManUre got turfed out as well (cue Fergie whinging again). Top notch. I dunno where I'll be when the final's on though!