Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spot The Difference

One leg (obviously the false looking one...) belongs to Heather Mills?

Actually, no.

They are both my legs and this was the bizarre reflection I got in the mirror as I was out for some shopping therapy yesterday, trying on some sandals.

Said image had me bursting out laughing and whipping out my phone to take this pic, much to the amusement of other shoppers. I bought the sandals anyway.

Today, I met up with my Gran for some brunch in Chinatown, then went into Boots and ordered some prescription sunglasses (had a £20 off voucher).

I only wear my contact lenses for sport and going out; staring at the pc all day at work just dries out my eyes so I keep my specs on but have never gotten round to having sunglasses to keep in my car. No more squinting in the sun when I'm driving!

Weekend has whizzed by as usual - lots of things to think about and decide on but I seem to be dragging my feet.

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