Friday, March 30, 2007

Fitness Frenzy

The description of the class should have prepared me:

"Body Attack - A fun-packed, energy-filled workout designed to get you fit, keep you fit and get you fitter! The most calories you can burn in the studio!"

Well, I found that I'm certainly not as fit as I thought I was and whilst I kept up with the class, it was really tough! The glamorous C, who I thought was fitter found it a struggle too. With my tendonitis still in evidence,I didn't do the upper body work but the legs workout killed me and I've been suffering from the after effects, walking around a bit stiff-legged.

But despite this, I enjoyed the class more than I thought I would and think I may start attending regularly. Hopefully, my arm will get better soon so I can start playing badminton again and fit that in too.

With Easter just round the corner, it'll soon be summer and I gotta look my best in my bikini! :-)


  1. Anonymous1:40 pm

    My gf doesn't like me wearing a bikini.

  2. You should try Body Combat. I thought I was moderately fit until I did my first class about 2 years ago.

    I almost died. Seriously. Dizzy, nauseous, wobbly limbs... But keep it up. After 2 weeks I was bouncing along a lot more happily!

    Well done on the Arsenal result the other night, though. Shame I didn't get to see it. Silly kickoff times in Australia :(

  3. I am not in the least bit fit. I have tendonitis as well and think this class would have brought me to my knees. I have decided this is my body for life.